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LIC Child Career Plan – Give Your Child a Secure Future – अपने बच्चे को दीजिये एक सुनहरा Future

Parents desire to build their child’s future and desire to look at their child at heights of success. All lifelong parents work hard without any greed to offer every facility and high-class education whatever he or she needs. But the thing that seriously makes a concern for every parent is that if any uncertain life loss or the financial loss occurred than what will happen to the child’s future. This concern is likely for every parent but how could they get relief of it. lic child career plan

Life Insurance Corporation of India is available with the solution for you. LIC is the biggest insurance organization in India and it always has the plan for what you desire. LIC’s Child Career Plan is one of those policies that offer a guaranteed, secure and fascinating future to your child even if you are not there with him or her at that stage. This policy is specially designed to financially assist your child in education needs and not only this rather it also covers your child’s life. This plan is complete lifeline and backbone to your child’s future road.

Features of Child Career Plan –

Premium Payment – Payment of premium is available in various options such as Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly as per your convenience.

Sum Assured – Minimum sum assured for this plan is Rs. 100,000 which has no limit for maximum.

Term Period – The term period for this plan starts from 11 years to 27 years

Entry Age – The entry age for the child in this plan is minimum of 0 years and a maximum of 12 years.

Maturity Age – The maturity age for any child in this plan is from 23 years to 27 years. The peak age when your child needs your financial support the most.

Premium Amount – Minimum premium amount is Rs. 95/ Rs. 1000 sum assured per year and maximum it exceeds to Rs. 170/ Rs. 1000 sum assured.

Rebates – Proposer gets 2% off rebate on yearly premium mode and 1% rebate on half-yearly premium mode. Proposer also gets an additional rebate of 2% on sum assured of Rs. 500,000 & above and 1.5% on sum assured of Rs. 300,000 – Rs. 499,999/-

LIC Child Career Plan

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