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Top Insurance Companies – विश्व की कुछ टॉप Insurance कम्पनियां

Top Insurance Companies Review – विश्व की कुछ टॉप Insurance कम्पनियां

Insurance companies are basically of two types, life and non-life. Life insurance as per its name insures risk cover against life while non-life insurance insures risk cover against loss or damage of property, also risk cover against health and illness. Here in this article, you will find some of the most prominent and best insurance companies functioning all around the world. Here by is the list of top insurance companies of the world.

Top Insurance Companies List 2016-17

ING Insurance – ING is ranked 10th in the list of top ten insurance companies in the world. ING has its headquarter in Netherlands and expanding its business all around the world with self establishment and collaboration. In India, ING has collaboration with Vysya Bank to manipulate its business as ING Vysya.

AXA Insurance – AXA is 9th ranked insurance organization in world among top ten companies. AXA is Europe based organization with its headquarter in France. AXA deals in both life and non life insurance. In India, AXA has started its work in collaboration with Bharti group as Bharti AXA Life Insurance.

NIB NewZurich Insurance – It has ranked 8th in the chart. Zurich is a Swiss based organization with dealing in general insurance, life insurance and farmer’s insurance too. Zurich has still not stepped in Indian market.

MetLife – Commonly known as MetLife is actually Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. MetLife is number 7 insurance companies in the chart. MetLife was started with offering risk cover to Civil War soldiers. It has its head office in United States. In India, MetLife has established its business in collaboration with Punjab National Bank as PNB MetLife Insurance.

AIA – Number 6th company in the chart, AIA is generally known as American International Assurance. AIA is also called AIG. It is a Hong Kong based company with around 25% insurance market cover. In India, AIA is collaborated with TATA group to form TATA AIG.

Ping An Insurance – Ping An Insurance is ranked 5th in the top 10 insurance companies in the world. Ping An offers risk cover against every type of losses whether life or non-life. It is a Chinese organization which has still not entered Indian market.

Allianz – Allianz is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world and is recognized as largest insurance company in Europe. It is ranked 4th in the chart. Moreover in India, Bajaj has the collaboration with Allianz to function in Indian market.

AIG – American Insurance Group is commonly known as AIG, a New York based organization. It the 3rd biggest insurance company in the world. AIG was formed after the acquisition of American General Life Insurance.

China Life – China Life Insurance Company is the biggest insurance company in Asia and 2nd largest in world. China Life is Chinese based insurance company with its headquarter in Beijing. China Life’s knock is still awaited in Indian market.

Berkshire Hathaway – It is the No. 1 insurance company in the world with being listed in many premier magazines and stock markets. Berkshire has a very expanding business with its arms in each and every sector of insurance. Indian market is still untouched by this prominent insurance company.

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