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Life Insurance Policies Plan – Best Life Policies Review

Life Insurance Policies Plan – Best Life Policies

For Women Only – Jeevan Bharati(LIC)

For You and Your Spouse – (i) Jeevan Saathi (LIC) (ii) Jeevan Saritha (LIC) (iii) Joint Life Plans (LIC)

For Disabled Dependents(i) Jeevan Aadhar(LIC) (ii) Jeevan Vishwas(LIC)

For Your Home(i) Mortgage Redemption Plan(LIC) (ii) Loan Cover Term Assurance (HDFC) (iii) Mortgage Redemption Plan (MetLife)

Rural Life (i) Bima Kavach Yojana (Birla Sunlife) (ii) Kotak Gramin Bima Yojana (OM Kotak)

ULIPUnit Linked Insurance Plan

Only For You – Money Back

(1) Jeevan Chhaya(LIC) (2) Jeevan Surabhi(LIC) (3) Money Back Policy(LIC) (4) Jeevan Rekha(LIC) (5) Jeevan Samriddhi(LIC) (6) Money Back(HDFC) (7) Flexi Cash Flow (8) (Birla Sun Life) (9) ICICI Pru CashBak (10) (ICICI Pru) (11) KotakMoney Back Plan (12) (OM Kotak) (13) Money Saver Plan (TATA-AIG) (14)  Cash Care(Allianz-Bajaj) (15) Cash Gain (16) (Allianz-Bajaj) (17) Maximizing Life Money Back Plan (ING Vysya) Dhana Shree (AMP Sanmar) (18) Met Sukh (MetLife) (19) Met Junior MB (MetLife).

Life Insurance Policies

Multiple Covers

1. Double Endowment (LIC) 2. Jeevan Mitra (Double) (LIC) 3. Jeevan Mitra (Triple) (LIC)

Pure Risk Covers

Insurance Companies

Risk Cover + Survival Benefits

(1) Bhavishya Jeevan(LIC) (2) Endowment Assurance Policy(LIC) (3) Endowment Ltd Assurance Policy(LIC) (4) Jeevan Anand(LIC) (5) New Janaraksha(LIC) (6) Endowment(HDFC) Endowment Plan(Max New York) (7) Endowment to Age 60 Policy(Max New York) (8) Life Gain Plus(Max New York) (9) Flexi Save Plus(Birla Sun Life) (10) ICICI PRU Save ‘n’ protect (ICICI Pru) ICICI PRU Secure Plus (ICICI Pru) (11) Kotak Endowment Plan (11) (OM Kotak) (12) Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan (OM Kotak) (13)  Sudarshan(SBI Life) (14) Security and Growth Plans (TATA-AIG) Save Care(Allianz Bajaj) (15) Invest Gain Plan(Allianz Bajaj) (16) Endowment Assurance Policy(ING Vysya) (17) Subha Shree (AMP Sanmar) (18)  MetLife Platinum (Participating  Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) MetLife Gold (Participating Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) (19)  MetLife Platinum (Non- Participating Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) (20) MetLife Gold (Non-Participating Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) MET Junior – Participating EA(MetLife) (21) MET Junior Non Participating Juvenile EA(MetLife) (22) MET Suvidha (Participating Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) (23) MET Suvidha ( Non-Participating Endowment Assurance)(MetLife) (24) Easy Lifeplus(Aviva Life) (25) LifeSaver(Aviva Life)

Group Life Schemes

(1) Group Mortage Redemption Assurance Scheme(LIC) (2) Group Leave Encashment Scheme(LIC) (3) Group Gratuity Scheme(LIC) (4) Group Insurance Scheme(LIC) (5) Group Savings Linked Scheme(LIC) Group Superannuation Scheme(LIC) (6)  Development Insurance Plan(HDFC) (7) Group Term Insurance(HDFC) (8) Kotak Term Grouplan(OM Kotak) (9) Kotak Credit-Term Grouplan(OM Kotak) Kotak Gratuity Grouplan (OM Kotak) (10)  Group Protection Solutions (Birla Sun Life) (11) Group Superannuation Plan(Birla Sun Life) (12)  Group Gratuity Plan(Birla Sun Life) (13) Super Suraksha & Swarna Ganga (SBI Life) (14) Group Risk Care Plan Employer – Employee(Allianz Bajaj) (15) Group Risk Care Plan – Non Employer – Employee(Allianz Bajaj ) (16) Group Credit Care Plan – Employer – Employee(Allianz Bajaj) Group Credit Care Plan Non Employer – Employee(Allianz Bajaj ) (17) Group Gratuity Plan (18) (ICICI Pru Life) (19) Group Term Assurance(ICICI Pru Life) (20)  Group Term Assurance  AMP Sanmar (21) Creditplus(Aviva Life)

For Your Children – General Plans

(1) Children’s Deferred Assurance Plan(LIC) (2) Jeevan Baalya(LIC) (3) Jeevan Kishore(LIC) (40 New Children’s Deferred Assurance Plan(LIC) (5) Komal Jeevan(LIC) (6) BI-Scholar(SBI Life) ICICI Pru Smart Kid (ICICI Pru) (7) Kotak Child advantage plan (OM Kotak) (8) Children’s Endowment Policy(Max New York) (9) Yuva Shree(AMP Sanmar) (10) Children’s Plan(HDFC) Met Bhavishya (MetLife) (11) My Child (Birla sunlife) (12) Young Achiever (Aviva Life)

Girls Only – Jeevan Sukanya(LIC)

For Your Retirement

(1) Bima Nivesh -2004 (LIC) (2) Jeevan Akshay II(LIC) (3) New Jeevan Dhara 1(LIC) (4) New Jeevan Suraksha 1(LIC) (5) Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana (LIC) (6) ICICI PRU Forever Life(ICICI Pru) Sanjeevan(SBI Life) (7) Kotak Retirement Income Plan(OM Kotak) (8) Nirvana Pension Plan (Tata-AIG) (9) Life Long Pensions (SBI Life) (10) Bhagya Shree (AMP Sanmar) (11) Easy  Life Retirement (Participating) Plan (Max NewYork) Flexi Securelife Retirement Plan(Birla SunLife) (12) Pensionplus (Aviva Life) (13) Swarna vishranthi (Allianz Bajaj) (14) Met Pension(par) (Met Life) (15) Special Plans (16)  Jeevan Saral (LIC) ICICI Pru Life Time(ICICI Pru) (17) HealthFirst(Tata AIG) (18) Setubandhan(SBI Life) (19) Medicare(Birla SunLife)

Investment Plans

Investment Plans

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LIC Best Policy Plan Chart

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