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LICs Jeevan Shagun Plan No 826 – LIC जीवन सगुन प्लान

LIC Jeevan Shagun Plan No 826 Review (LIC जीवन सगुन प्लान) – Features of Jeevan Shagun 826

New Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Plan launched Jeevan Shagun (जीवन सगुन) – Single Premium Multiple Benefit

Non Linked, Single premium, Money Back Closed-ended plan launch on 1st Sept. Available for sale only for 90-days.

Features of Jeevan Shagun Plan Table No. 826 (जीवन सगुन प्लान की Features)

(i) Single premium Money Back closed ended Policy (90-days only)
(ii) Term is 12 years
(iii) Survival Benefit @ 15% MSA at the end of 10th year
(iv) @ 20% MSA at the end of 11th year
(v) @ 65% MSA on Maturity along-with LA
(vi) Loan & Surrender available from 2nd year onwards
(vi) Death claim (मृत्यु दावा) within 5 years: 10 times of Tabular SP
(vii) Death Claim (मृत्यु दावा) after 5 years: 10 times of Tabular SP + LA
(viii) Agents commission (एजेंट कमीशन): 2%
(ix) GSA: 1st yr 70% of tab SP. 2nd yr onwards 90%.
(x) After 5yrs with Loyalty Addition
(xi) Eligibility: For 8yrs completed to 45 yes nbd.
(xii) Maturity SA: Minimum 60,000 अधिकतम कोई सीमा नहीं

Rebate: on 1000 MSA reduction in tab SP

<1,50,000 : Nil
1.5 to 3.95 lacs : Rs.15
4 lacs & above : Rs.20

Premium Example (प्रीमियम का उदाहरण)

उम्र सीमा 8 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.50,880.
उम्र सीमा 20 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=52,390.
उम्र सीमा 25 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.52,803.
उम्र सीमा 30 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.53,736.
उम्र सीमा 35 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.56,019.
उम्र सीमा 40 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.61,380.
उम्र सीमा 45 Yrs MSA Rs.1,00,000=Rs.74,106


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