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Insurance Logos

The Features of Insurance Logos

Logos are specifically designed to uniquely identify a product of an organization. It is a symbol by which one organization is differentiated from other organizations. It means a picture which is used to represent a brand. The logo forms the basis for your company’s style and makes the customer understand what they can expect from the company.

Insurance logo Designing:

There are a number of points which are kept in mind while selecting an insurance company like the stability of a company, its offerings and its share value in the market, so while designing an insurance logo these perspective are considered and it helps to make a brand recognition and a base for communication to the customers.

How does a logo works?

It depends upon various factors that vary from different company, while some of the factors are common in nature. The logos must be unique and meaningful. If a company is offering health insurance then the logo should represent a happy human figure or if the insurance is about some property like gold then the image should represent some gold coins and jewelry. Most of the insurance brands highlight the type of product they are offering without associating much of images with insurance. This allows the customer to see in a visual, non-confusing way what kind of service you are offering.

Highlighting the features through logos:

While designing the image for the insurance logo first consider and identify the selling properties. In order to differentiate from other companies the features should be highly distinguishable and up to date from other brands.

As the factors depends from company to company so some of the insurance companies projects their value and efficiency like their financial potential, the trust of beneficial returns they can provide to their customer or the expeditious customer service to handle the needs of customers. These qualities are presented in their logos. On the other hand some insurance companies create logos on the type of insurance they sell which can an image on health care, property or life and child plans.

So it must be very clear from the insurance logo what features are offered by the insurance company and what the customers can expect.

Some popular images commonly found in these logos include:

  • House
  • Building
  • Umbrella
  • Lion
  • Torch
  • symbols of stability (such as: Statue of Liberty, eagles, trees, mountains)

The insurance logo should be distinctive from other companies logo as duplicating a logo of similar motto can cause copyright issues and make the company untrustworthy.

Designing the logo can be made by the freelance designers or there are logo designing agencies that can provide outstanding images at an affordable rate

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