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Insurance Investigator – Job Description Review

Insurance Investigator – Description of an Insurance Investigator

Insurance agencies are a billion dollar industry. Insurance companies are out there to help people out in their most turbulent times. But there is also the incidence of any fraud cases where some of the anti-socials try to take money from the insurance companies by presenting a fake claim. Every year there are millions of fake claims in various departments of the insurance companies.

This results in the loss of several millions of dollars when the insurance company has to pay out for such fake claims. This is where an insurance investigator plays a major role. It is an insurance investigator who looks closely into the matter and finds out the truth of the matter thus preventing the insurance company from paying up millions of dollars without a legitimate claim.

What does the insurance investigator do?

Insurance InvestigatorMost of the times, insurance agencies have their own insurance investigators. They hire their own investigators and they get a good salary and it is their job to find out the legitimacy of an insurance claim. There are many insurance companies which are connected to the government that host annual examinations to hire their investigators. The job of an investigator is challenging and stress-filled as it is on his shoulders that the precious dollars of his company rest. But it is very awarding as well as the prospects of growth are quite high. So if you are interested in the investigation then why not take up this job of an insurance investigator?

What types of fraudulent claims are made?

There are different kinds of fraudulent claims that are made by individuals in order to get the money of an insurance policy. Firstly, there are fake auto insurance claims. The automobile drivers always stage or fake an accident and hence claim for the money of an insurance policy. The investigator has to use his surveillance strategies in order to find out the truth of the scenario. Then there are fraudulent fire or arson cases where the clients themselves set fire to the property and then claim for the insurance amount. Thirdly, there are many homicide cases where claims on the life insurance policy of the victim are made. Other than that, there are fraud demands in almost every sector of insurance. Thus, an insurance investigator always has to be alert and use the best of his deduction skills to find out the truth about the situation.

Private Insurance Investigator

There are also many insurance investigators who do not solely work for an insurance agency. They are private investigators who can be hired as and when pleased by the insurance agency. While this is not a fixed job, it leaves you open to accept other job offers too while working on the insurance investigation cases. Though most companies have their own insurance investigators, the private ones are called only in special case scenarios. You might even choose to work freelance with an insurance company.

Insurance Investigator – Job Description Review

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