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Insurance for Dogs – Most important Things

Insurance for dogs – One of the Most important Things

Insurance for dogs are policies that provide insurance against their death, accidents and health problems contracted during the period of insurance subject to usual terms and conditions of the policy. These policies generally pay the veterinary costs when a dog meets an accident or have any medical problem and also make payment in case of loss or death of the dog. The cost of medical treatment has increased as the life expectancy of the dogs has increased. Pet medical insurance is a risk management plan to endure the medical expenses for the treatment of sick and wounded dogs.

Criteria for the Insurance:

  1. Dogs who are in the age group 8 weeks to 8 years are provided the insurance.

  2. Insurance for dogs cover a variety of breeds and dogs from different origins.

  3. Insured dogs should be identified by one of the following methods

  • Photograph
  • Tattooing
  • Nose Print

It should be clearly mentioned in the Veterinary Certificates about the identification marks, sex, breed and age etc.

Pet-dogWhat are the basic and add on coverage provided?

Basic coverage for insurance for dogs are on accidents, death or disease but there are many add on coverage also like:

  • Accidental death while transiting through air, rail or road
  • Death due to accidental poisoning
  • Death of a new borne dog within 14 days of birth
  • Lost or stolen dogs during burglary.
  • Transit to various parts of the world and back to India or from other countries to India.
  • Liability for personal injuries and damage to property including other animals and poultry of third parties
  • Loss of value limited to half of sum insured resultant upon an accident which does not result in death but which averts its show career.
  • Dogs which are registered with a kennel club and are unable to attend the shows due to sickness, death or accidents are covered a loss of show entry fees by the policies.

Exclusions in the schemes

  1. Death due to diseases such as tetanus, tuberculosis, rabies, viral hepatitis, leptospirosis, viral infections are covered only if the dogs have been vaccinated and a Veterinary Certificate to that effect is submitted.
  2. Desired ill treatment with dogs such as injuries caused willing ness or using the animals for any other purpose which are not stated in the policies.
  3. Death due to any disease contracted within 15 days from the date of commencement of the policy.
  1. Intentional slaughter of the animal except in cases where destruction is necessary to terminate incurable suffering or on human consideration on the basis of the certificate issued by qualified veterinary doctor or in cases where destruction is resorted to by the order of lawfully constituted authority.

Procedures to be followed for claiming:

  • Claims can be done by showing a photograph or any other document on the death of the dog.
  • By prior intimation to the insurance company
  • Providing veterinary certificates for death to the company

Therefore, the insurance for dogs become one of the useful features to secure their lives from the disasters destroying the peaceful ambiance.

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