Insurance Agent Job Description

Your options as an Insurance Agent!!

Insurance agent is the person who works either independently or on behalf of a particular insurance agency and sells the insurance policies to the potential customers. Insurance agents are hence the brokers of the insurance companies. However, the insurance agent job description is not as easy as it seems. It is as difficult as any other job out there and probably more so due to the sales strategies this job requires in order to obtain optimum results. The payment is good only if you have great interactive skills that will help you to outshine in your chosen path.

Qualification required

There is no determined qualification necessity in an insurance agent job description. Some insurance agencies state that they need an agent only with a bachelor’s degree while others are just fine with a high school degree. It actually differs from company to company. Some companies even stress on an obligatory training if you wish to join their company. If you have a bachelor’s degree in marketing then you will obviously get a preference. The preference will also be there if you get a specialized course in insurance. In the event of possessing a higher degree, the chances of promotions are much more promising.

Types of insurance agents

You can fall under any two types of insurance agents. One is a freelancer and the other is employed. If you are a freelancer then it is up to you how many companies you want to work for and what amount of time you want to dedicate to it. In such a scenario the primary source of income is mainly from the commissions of the premium that you submit from that of your clients. If you are employed then that means an insurance company has hired you to sell their policies to potential customers and you are given a salary for your job. You may be given incentives based on the number of policies you manage to sell.

Requirements of the job

Insurance agent job description requires one to have a good interactive skill and salesperson tactics. At the end of the day you are a broker for your company and you serve to sell your policies. You have to have a good idea of the market as well as detailed information about the kinds of policies that your company is offering. Be sensitive to the needs of the customers. Understand what kind of policies they require and likewise suggest them the policies of their requirement. You have to persuade to the customer as to why they need the policy, how it will be beneficial for them in the long run and how it can be easily accommodated in their budget. As an insurance agent you are entitled to sell all kinds of policies, be that of life insurance, auto, accidents or home insurance.

The prospects of the job are really very promising. If you can follow through your targets and have the ability to sell the policies then chances are that you will be very successful in your job.

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