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Idea For Your Own Company? 75 Original Ideas Guru Seth Goddess

Idea For Your Own Company? 75 Original Ideas Guru Seth Goddess

Are you a real approacher? An entrepreneur in heart and soul? You can not wait to get started, but there is one thing missing. A really good idea … The solution comes from Seth Godin. He is the founder of Squidoo. A marketing guru from the US known for his books: Purple Cow, Lynchpin, The Dip, Permission Marketing and many other titles. Some can be downloaded for free from his blog. The most read marketing blog in the world.

Seth Godin has compiled a list of ideas to base a new company on. The Squidoo site he founded is one of the 50 most visited sites in the United States. These ideas were invented by him and given away to his readers to use or to draw inspiration to start a successful business.

Seth Godin 's blog

Seth Godin Guarantees An Original Idea For Your Own Company

How About A Virtual Door Service Or A Company That Transforms Any Arbitrary Object Into A Music Box? Be Inspired To Find An Idea For A Company That Is Being Talked About All Over The World.

Pre-Packaged School Supplies Based On The Prescribed Lists Of Schools In The Neighborhood
A Cutting And Chopping Service For Fresh Vegetables In The Store
Website Where You Can Upload Your Own Designs That Then Deliver The Produced Clothes To You
Aggregator Site For Affiliate Marketing. All Results In A Site.
Spiced Chewing Gum: Think Of Marjoram Flavor Or Basil
Brainstorm Workshops (Teach Companies How To Brainstorm)
Educational Videos About Technological Applications As Simple As Word, E-Mail Etc (For People Who Need It)
Website Where Musicians Can Work Together On A Music File
Personal Chef Network With Rotating Chefs
Company That Installs Monitors At The Entrance Of Companies And Offers Virtual Doormen
Delivery Service For Food In Hospitals
Sinterklaas Service: A Sinterklaas Who Dressed The Customer Comes To Deliver His Presents
Presentation Consultation: How Can A Company Improve Its Presentations?
Music Box Builder: Build Any Object That Customers Send To A Music Box
Exchange Clothes For Men Or Women Clothes
Fully Degradable Mobile Phone
Cheaper Newspapers Later In The Day
Competition Organizing Company For Small Companies That Want To Organize Promotions
Cleaning Service That Only Vacuumsets And Dusts
Stools That Can Stand Independently And Do Not Always Fall Over

Original Ideas For Companies

Seth Godin Has Even More Advantages. What Do You Think Of A Gardening Service Especially For Urban Roof Gardens? Or A Feng Shui Website?

Indoor Architecture For People With A Small Budget
Garden Service For Roof Gardens
Fireplaces Restoration: Specialize In The Restoration Of Fireplaces
Flower Shop That Delivers Within An Hour
iPhone App With All Special Beers
Shadow Program For High School Students Where They Can Walk With A Management Figure Or Entrepreneur
Art Playground, Monthly Rent And Then Everyone Can Let Go In A Playground With Ceramics, Paint, Screen Prints, Etc
Feng Shui Website, Upload The Floor Plan Of Your House And Get A Feng Shui Advice
Graffiti Generator, People Can Enter Their Name And Style And Color And Get A Well-Known Tag
Graph Makers, The Customer Delivers The Date And Gets Beautiful Graphs Back
School Space Rental Company: Specialized In Renting Vacant School Space In The Summer
Chewing Gum That Is Good For Maintaining Braces
Twitter App That Helps To Find Parking Spaces
Franchise Consulting Service: Helps Franchisees To Improve Their Businesses
Digital Headstones With Rich Media Messages And Uploaded Memories
Trend Of The Month Club, Up To 5000 Participants Every Month You Will Receive A New Trend
Service To Doctor How To Use Social Media To Improve Contact With Patients
Build Your Own Robot Store
Cut Service That Scans All Media For Articles On A Topic Of Your Choice And Delivers The Articles To You
Cleaning Service With Eco-Friendly Service Only

Need An Idea For Your Own Company?

With The First Forty Ideas, No Inspiration Was Found For The Company You Always Dreamed Of? No Worries Here, Thirty-Five Innovative Ideas Follow. Think Of A Company With Electric Taxis Or A Hair Salon For The Blind.

Online Suspense Sales Store
Online Speed Dating Service
Electric Taxis
Date Consultancy Service: Teaches You More Successful Dating
Girlfriends Weekend Away Travel Agency: Specialized In Weekend Trips For Friends
Home Exchange Insurance: There Are Websites Where Home Exchange Is Possible, A Service That Would Cover The Risks Would Be Nice
Have Your Custom Barbie Made: To Your Specifications, You Get A Custom Barbie
Wake Up Calls With The Voice Of Famous People
Amusement Attractions Or Parks Based On Computer Games: Imagine A World Of Warcraft Theme Park
A Store For Very Obscure Food, Ask Every Customer For A Very Obscure Food That The Store Does Not Yet Have And Get It.
Dating Service That Only Friends Can Sign Up For
Comic Books Based On Games
Relationship Hotline: Answer 24/7 Relationship Questions
Hair Salon For The Blind, The Normal Hair Salon Is Actually Very Strange For The Blind
App That Measures The Speed Of A Football Or Tennis Ball
Personal Education Coach: The Coach Looks For Material (Blogs, Books, And Other Educational Material) That Suit Your Needs
Casino Airlines: Casino Games Once The Aircraft Is Above Territorial Waters
Change Consultation: A Consultation Aimed At Bringing Change
Police Texting: Instead Of Calling The Police, You Can Send The Police A Text Message
Etiquette Guides For Social Media

A Good Idea Is Worth Gold

The Latest Series Of Original Ideas To Start A Company Around. Very Different Inspiring Ideas For Services And Products From The Marketing Guru Seth Godin:

Elance-Like Site For Bands
Eco-Lingerie Brand: Makes Only Eco-Lingerie
Newsletter For Dismissed People
Hamster Bury Kit: Everything You Need To Bury Your Hamster
Company History Books: Make Coffee Table Books About Companies For Employees And Customers
How Do You Come Through A Depression Or Recession Books Or Blogs
Lie Analysis Service. Deliver A Video Or An Audio Recording And The Service Indicates Whether There Is A Lie Or Not
Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Brand
Gambling Site That Sends A Percentage To Charities
Etsy Consultation Service: Helps People To Set Up Their Etsy Store Better
Twitter Service: Pay Per Tweet, The Company Twitters For You
Specialize In Laying Glass Floors In Commercial Buildings And Luxury Homes
Ethical Hotline: Ask 24/7 Questions Via A Hotline About Ethical Issues That You Urgently Want Answers To
Recreation Shop, Parents Can Leave Their Child For An Hour Or So And Shop Quietly And Pick Up Their Child After An Hour Of Play Under Supervision
Garage Sales Marketing And Promotion Services

Seth Godin ‘s blog is the most visited marketing blog in the world. His daily blog posts are philosophical in nature but usually also funny or educational. Must read for up-and-coming marketers and entrepreneurs.

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