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How To Save Money As A Student – 10 Useful Tips

10 Useful Tips For Saving Money As A Student in India

We have 10 handy tips to save some money as a student. Save on things that we all have to deal with, you will see that it is easier than it seems.

Stop Impulsive Purchases

Everyone does it, you come to the store for half a loaf and eventually, you come home with a cheap apple pie that was on offer and a bag of M & M’s that you could not pass up. At home, you find out that you do not need those items at all and that it is actually a waste of money. Stop here, make a list at home and buy only the necessary things from your list and otherwise NOTHING.

Do Not Take Out Credit Card Or Unnecessary Loans

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Very handy now buy and pay later but how do you know you can pay later? Avoid unnecessary loans to avoid a lot of problems.

Give Up Bad Habits

Maybe you smoke or drink and spend a lot of money over the weekend, or maybe you buy an expensive sandwich and a soda in the store every break? Try to stop one or more bad habits. Stop smoking or less if necessary (also very good for your health) Make a budget for the weekend, make with yourself the agreement no more than a certain amount to spend and leave your debit card at home. When you buy a sandwich and a can of soda every day, this can also be nice, take it with you from home you will see how much you have left!

No Unnecessary Payments Or Loans

Make sure that when you do not need to borrow, do not do this, even if you borrow it from the government with your stuff, what you borrow should you pay back with interest, and how can you already know that this is yours will succeed? Be aware of the shortage of jobs in the India and do not think too lax about loans.

Take Offers And House Brands

When you go to the supermarket do not go for the luxury and expensive brands, but take the house brand is often just as good and tasty only save you sometimes real euros. When you really only go for the brands then take them in the offer, this often saves a lot. Do not be ashamed of the Aldi or Lidl because these stores often have very good products and are a godsend for a student’s budget.

Say No To Expensive Brands

Are you from the expensive brands such as G-star, Replay and the like? Look also is in another store because for the 180 euros where you buy 1 pants you can buy complete outfits at the C & A or H & M 2. Often without a difference in quality, because it is the brand that sits on your pants that makes it expensive.

Buy Used

Everyone knows, this is a real solution for students! Buy your “new” couch or TV just second hand that sometimes saves you hundreds of euros. Also, take a look at the free pick-up section.

No Expensive Subscriptions

For almost every subscription is a much cheaper or free alternative. What you can read in a magazine or newspaper you can also read on the internet for FREE! Do not take an expensive telephone subscription but buy a Sim only then you have just as much MB, Minutes and text messages.

Stay Home Once

Instead of going into the city on the weekend, you can also invite your friends to watch some movies with drinks and snacks at home. This also saves you a lot of money that you do not spend in nightlife.

Do It Yourself!

Do not rent for the least or slightest person, clean your windows yourself, when your phone breaks down look first is if you can not make it yourself. Clean your car yourself instead of the expensive car wash and so there are many more things that you can do very cheaply yourself in exchange for a little effort.

By Anil Mistra

From Delhi 

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