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How To Find No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Find No Medical Exam Life Insurance

When you shop for life insurance online, it is possible to get a no medical exam life insurance policy. This applies most often to term life insurance policies, so the easiest way to find no medical exam life insurance is by searching a website with a large database of insurance companies that provide term life insurance policies. Make sure to include “no medical exam” in your query.

However, before you begin your search you should be aware that not all no medical exam life insurance policies actually apply to all people. Once you find a database to search for life insurance quotes, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire of sorts. You’ll be asked personal information such as your gender, age, weight, and height. You’ll also be asked about your medical history, and often times about the medical history of your family. This “application” will help the life insurance agents determine whether or not you’re eligible for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Frankly put, you pretty much have to be young and in excellent health to qualify for no medical exam life insurance.

Another important factor you should be aware of is the danger of lying on your life insurance application. It’s easy – and undoubtedly tempting – to fudge the truth a bit when you’re completing the life insurance application online and no one’s looking. However, if the life insurance company discovers the truth, your no medical exam life insurance policy will be canceled. At the same time, if you die due to a health condition not represented on your no medical life insurance application and policy (such as smoking), your beneficiaries could actually be denied death benefits.

So, if you’re young, in relatively good health, and would rather purchase a life insurance policy without the hassled of undergoing a medical exam, go ahead and begin your search. Just make sure you understand the fine print and tell the truth.

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