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CAD Stands For – CAD Full form – What Does CAD Stands For?

CAD का फुल फॉर्म – What is the Meaning of CAD?

CAD Full Form – CAD Stands for

Computer-Aided Design

Canadian Dollar

Computer-Aided Detection

Computer-Aided Drafting

Computer-Aided Dispatch

County Appraisal District

Computer-Assisted Design

Central Appraisal District

Coronary Artery Disease

Computer-Aided Drawing
Computer-Aided Diagnosis (medical)

Computer-Assisted Drafting

Commercial Affairs Department (Singapore)

CBD Stands for – CBD Full Form

Custom Application Development

Current Account Deficit

Cash Against Documents

Canadian Association of the Deaf

Coronary Artery Dissection

Cisco Agent Desktop (Cisco)

Control Alt Delete (website)

Control And Display

Carol Ann Duffy (British poet)

Capital Adequacy Directive

Cash Available for Distribution

Computer-Automated Design

Command Area Development

Confined Aquatic Disposal

Consumer Affairs Division

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary

Cold Air Damming (meteorology)

California Association of the Deaf

ATM Full Form – What is the Meaning of ATM? एटीएम मशीन

Consumer Advocate Division

Contract Award Date

Cervical Acceleration Deceleration (whiplash)

Cartridge Actuated Device(s)

Component Advanced Development

CAD Stands For – CAD Full form – What Does CAD Stands For? CAD – Business & Finance

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